Our Bikes

We're a bit different to other bike tour companies. We want you to ride like a local and feel like you're going for a spin with old friends. We have spent hours creating our bikes, giving them custom Newy-inspired paint jobs, carefully putting them back together ready for you to ride like a local.

Each of our bikes are unique, easy to ride, safe, sanitised and regularly maintained. We will keep adding bikes throughout our journey.

All bikes include use of a helmet, lock and are equipped with a small front carry bag for water, phones, cameras, wallets etc.


All bikes are free-wheel (not fixed-gear) with front and back brakes. Follow us on Instagram to keep up to date with the latest additions.


Pasha Bulker

June 2007 saw the Pasha Bulker come ashore on Nobbys Beach during a king tide storm. Newcastle experienced a small tourism boom which brought visitors from afar to see the spectacle which lived in Newy for a month or so. Our bike is created to reflect this moment in Newcastle history.


Fun fact, the ship was renamed Drake in 2008 (not after the Canadian rapper)

Style: Single Speed - Old School Mountain Bike Frame (Small)



The Shortland ferry crosses the Hunter River from the Newcastle CBD at Queens Wharf to Stockton. The service runs every 15 minutes during peak times and takes 5 minutes to make the crossing.


Our bike is an ode to our famous ferry, rocking a green and tan paint job, white lettering and Transport NSW's red Waratah.

Style: Single Speed - Vintage Step-Through Frame (Medium)



Proud Novocastrians Daniel Johns, Chris Joannu, Ben Gilles make up Silverchair, Australia's best known grunge/rock band of the 90's.


In 2015, James Rose of the Daily Review wrote of the Frogtstomp album (released in 1995), "As an album in its own right, it's pretty good. As a debut by three 15 year olds, it's about as good as it gets. There are still kids out there today listening to Frogstomp and shitting themselves. And so they should."

Our bike is painted up like that very album cover. Give the album a spin from the very start, the bass line on track 1 is an absolutely cracker.

Style: Single Speed - Step Through Frame (Small)


BYKKO (E-Bike)

Newy Rides is proudly partnered with BYKKO to make e-bikes available when additional bicycles are required on our tours.


BYKKO is a bike sharing company with e-bikes available, docked at various locations throughout Newcastle.


Your tour price will not change if we utilise a BYKKO bike to supplement demand unless it is requested.

Style: E-Bike (Pedal Assist) - Step-Through Frame (Medium)


A'Town Gates

Causing frustration for Novocastrian commuters every day, the Adamstown gates is a simple rail crossing on a busy intersection connecting the outer suburbs to the city. 

Watch the eyes roll of passing motorists as you hear the 'Ding ding ding ding' as the gates come down stopping traffic. Also look at for those same motorists crossing their fingers that it isn't one of our huge coal trains.

It's a huge part of Newy life.

Style: Single Speed - Old School Mountain Bike Frame (Medium)


Custom Painted

Do you have an idea for a custom bike frame or would like one of your own? We'd love to hear from you.

More soon

Someone is a little slow to take photos of the rest of the fleet. Check our Instagram for the latest updates.