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We've just wrapped up a huge year. Whilst it might not of been the year we originally planned for, we're grateful for the amazing opportunities that were presented to us, the guests that have spent time on our bikes and the relationships with our partners that go from strength to strength.

Reflecting on the last year, despite a NSW lockdown we've achieved a lot. We've launched new tour products including a free self-guided in-app tour, we've birthed a swag of up-cycled bikes hand painted in our unique style, added some brand new bikes to the fleet, appeared in numerous tourism campaigns with local and national partners, worked with our peers and have even appeared on national TV.

2022 will be great and we want to share a little bit of our plans for early 2022.

Fernleigh Explorer

Ben has been busy building a brand new tour product allowing guests to discover the Fernleigh Track from a different perspective. The Fernleigh Track is a rail trail that goes between Adamstown (Newcastle) and Belmont (Lake Macquarie). It is 15km of pure cycling bliss, navigating through different features, this 4 hour experience features all the hallmarks of a Newy Rides experience complete with stops at local businesses and our 'Newy' perspective.

Self-Guided Street Art Experience

Earlier in 2021 we launched a self-guided Newy Rides tour in the FreeGuides app. FreeGuides is a free self-guided tour platform that allows visitors to freely access experiences around the world using their smart phone.

Our experience takes folks through the essentials parts of the beaches and the harbour.

In this new experience we peel back a layer of Newcastle's street-art scene, allowing urban explorers to travel out to far-flung suburbs (and some inner city haunts) to easily discover Newcastle's urban art scene - with plenty of coffee stops along the way.

Lastly, Ride Along will be back!

We plan on bringing more Ride Along Series event to the street of Newcastle. With lockdowns (and recent COVID-case news) our partners are all finding their feet. We're exciting to bring these unique one-off events to life soon!

Have a safe and restful Christmas and New Years. We can't wait to ride with you in 2022.

Ride Often,


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