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Free Tour Alert! | Touring Newcastle by bike in the palm of your hand

Outside is free. Touring Newcastle by bike in the palm of your hand. Exploring Newcastle NSW has been made easier by Newy Rides in partnership with BYKKO (e-bike sharing platform) and FreeGuides with a free self-guided tour available in the palm of your hand, on your phone.

Helping people navigate COVID restrictions, local Newcastle bike tour company, Newy Rides, has curated a taste of their regular ‘in-the-flesh’ tour offering via an easy to use mobile app. Complete with video, audio and images, the easy-to-use tour app let’s people discover the city at their own pace - COVID safe!

Owner of Newy Rides, Ben Ogden, says “My goal is to showcase Newcastle for the great place it is, to as many people as possible. Even if they aren’t riding alongside me on one of my regular tours, it’s important I can give something away for free for them to discover their own version of Newy”

The platform can be described as ‘Uber but for self-guided tours’, providing on-demand tours to travellers of cities all over Australia. The Newy Rides tour is partnered with BYKKO, Newcastle’s electric bike share company, which was recently given a 2 year extension to the pilot of the program.

Ben says “The idea is for people to arrive into Newy, open the app, find our tour and be able to get access to a BYKKO e-bike and riding in a matter of minutes.”

The tour and app are free to discover for yourself by visiting

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