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Case Study | Green St Property

Newcastle is known for its picturesque scenery and vibrant culture, but there's always something new to discover in our coastal city. That's why when Green St Property approached us for a private tour, we were thrilled to show them the lesser-known corners of Newcastle. Pete and Amanda (Green St's Directors) wanted to reward their staff and after a few stop-starts to lock in a date due to lockdowns, injuries and the like, we were on two-wheels.

Meeting at Nobby's for a glass of local bubbles (shout out to our mates at Dirt Candy Wines) to set the tone of the day, we were off for a fantastic afternoon of exploration.

Discovering the Unknown

As locals who know the streets (and houses) Newcastle like the back of their hand, Green St Property's team was in for a surprise. Newy Rides', Ben, took them on a carefully curated route that uncovered hidden gems they hadn't come across before. From quaint alleyways to vibrant street art, the experience incorporated the best of the city, a chance to see Newcastle from a fresh perspective.

Treats Along the Way

But it wasn't just about the cycling! We wanted to make the tour extra special, so we arranged some surprises along the way. Green St Property's team indulged in a little gin tasting, savoured delicious bites to eat, and even had a fun quiz to test their knowledge of Newcastle's history and culture.

The “simple things in life” are often the best and taking a leisurely bike ride around the colourful city of Newcastle to explore the unknown surrounds is one of the best simple things in life to do.
This is what the team at Green St Property took part in one lazy Sunday afternoon not so long ago. All that went on the tour had so much fun doing this together and we were taken on a route that even as locals who thought they knew the back roads would be impressed with. Ben also arranged some special treats along the way which included a little Gin tasting a bite to eat and a quiz along the way.
Ben surely does “take you on a ride” for the right reason.
A fun and engaging time and I must let everyone know that I was the fastest rider in our little race. LOL
Peter Aloupis CEO – Green St Property

This private tour with Green St Property was a cruisy afternoon of party-paced adventure that reminded us to slow down and take it all in. We were thrilled to unveil Newcastle's hidden gems to the team and create connections with this great crew along the way.

If you're looking for a unique and enjoyable team-building activity in Newcastle, we invite you to join us at Newy Rides. Get ready to explore the unknown, indulge in some treats, and create unforgettable experiences with your team!

Ready for an adventure with Newy Rides?

Visit to plan your bespoke tour today!

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