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Happy Birthday (to us)

Wow. We're two years in!

Without harping on about kicking this business off when there was no travel happening around the world, we're happy to be still here offering visitors our version of the best day out in Newy, on two-wheels! We started 2022 with a decent injury which saw me spend a lot of time off the bike and as bones healed we were straight back into it. We've welcomed new team members onboard, added bikes to our fleet and have launched a new experience (Fernleigh Explorer). For our third year in business we will continue improving our products and keep offering new experiences for our guests. You can look out for:

  • New faces leading our tours

  • New one-off collaboration events

  • Some fresh new content

  • A slight price adjustment on The Essentials x 'The Burbs

  • A revised start and end point to a morning and afternoon tours

Ride often, Ben

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