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Our Lockdown List

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

Keeping busy and engaged with things that excite you over lockdown periods is extremely important.

Loads of us are spending more time in front of the computer than usual (me included) and it's extremely important to look forward to the time away from work.

Now that you've given sourdough a crack and potentially started a podcast, check out my list of things that offer up a little something different to your lockdown life.

Let's dive into it

To Drink

"The ISO Party" Pack by Dirt Candy Wine

It's no secret that we're big fans of Dirt Candy Wine and the good news is that you can get Newcastle's best drop sent right to your door.

'The ISO Party' pack features 6-bottles of their best drops, including 2021's new "The Summit" 2021 Pink Pet Nat and "The Falcon" 2021 White Pet Nat. Perfect park wines for long summer afternoons (when we're allowed to picnic again). Free shipping too!

Also check out "The Lost Barrel" a 2014 Vintaged Fortified - perfect for the cooler nights left in the season. This one is brand new and super limited (get in quick!)

To Make

Craft Beer Start Pack from Newcastle Brew Shop

The folks behind Newcastle Brew Shop are a passionate bunch ensuring Novocastrian's (and interstate shoppers) can put their best foot forward when making beer, cider, wine, spirits, cheese or American BBQ.

I must've missed the memo during my university days as I've never brewed a beer of my own. That is changing as I've just just got my hands on a Morgan's Premium Starter Kit (pretty sure they are doing a Father's Day promo for $85.00) complete with everything to get started.

I've also got my hands on a Balter XPA recipe/copy to live out my craft beer dreams. Check in with the team, they probably have a recipe for your favourite drop too. There has never been a better time to create.

To Cook

Mitch Orr (IG Recipes)

Chef, restauranteur Mitch Orr (@instakrill), is dubbed the 'Prince of Pasta' in culinary circles and gave us loads of inspiration in the kitchen during 2020's lockdowns - including how to level up on your spag bol game.

Put an afternoon aside and tackle this one below - short of time? Run at the spaghetti carbonara recipe instead.

To Listen

Art Talk by Mitch Revs and Shaun Wood (Podcast)

Aimed at artists (and aspiring artists) local Novocastrian's, Mitch Revs and Shaun Wood, share stories about what got them started in their creative careers and provide insight into some enabling steps should you want to make your creative aspirations commercially viable.

I made some notes that struck a chord with me when I was takin' 5 in the backyard. You can read them here.

To Create

Decked In

Sticking with Mitch (he's a pretty well-known guy around Newy), who is sending out blank skateboard decks (pre-painted in a base colour) and markers to people finding their creative streak in lockdown.

Based on his popular Decked Out and Boards & Beers workshops where groups come together in the studio turn blank skateboard decks into artworks to take home, lockdowns mean no workshops . Good news is that now, the workshop comes to your door complete with downloadable sketch templates, deck and markers to get started creating.

I've ordered mine - you should order yours.

To Move


Travel has yet again come to a screeching halt with tours and events put on hold. Aussie start-up FreeGuides is pioneering the way with self guided tours in the palm of your hand.

Simply download the app and find something that interests you to get started.

There are plenty of COVID-safe walking/hiking trails in cities all over Australia. Please follow your states rules and be safe when selecting a tour.

Whilst you're on the app take a look at our tour on the platform - a short self guided tour around Newcastle, by bike.

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