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Price Rise '23: The Essentials x The 'Burbs (Tour)

For the first time in two years we are adjusting the price for our all-inclusive experience, The Essentials x The ‘Burbs. This is our 3.5 hour small-group, premium all-inclusive tour complete with bike (and equipment), guide, drinks, distillery tour and lunch.

Was $125 > Now $140 per person.

In effort to be transparent and give reasoning to our guests we want you feel like you are getting ‘bang for your buck’ and the service offering you expect.

Running a business has it’s expenses so thought we could offer some context to justify this price rise:

  • Supply partners and tour inclusions – Their prices rise therefore we need to adjust for this in our per person tour costing.

  • Goods & Services Tax – Like most businesses, we pay a GST of 10% to the government.

  • Income Tax

  • Distribution partners – Tourism businesses like ours pay substantial commissions to be part of global networks when we receive bookings through them.

  • Wages – People are the driving backbone to every business. To have a good experience we need to pay good people.

We pack this experience full of value with a hearty lunch, knowledgeable guide and drinks along the way (+ an added distillery experience) so we hope you can see the value when considering to book this bespoke, small-group tour.

We think everything is relative so wanted to stack up our experience with things people pay for every day:

  • Coffee $5.50 (average cost in Newcastle)

  • Beer $9.00 (average cost in Newcastle)

  • My wife’s visit to the hair salon $160-$200

  • Van Gogh Alive Experience $45.00

  • Lunch and glass of wine $35.00

  • Average Uber ride $25-$30

  • Full tank of fuel (small car) $80.00

  • Choc Top at Event Cinemas $8.00

This price rise will kick in for tour starting 01 January 2023. Get in quick to nab our last remaining 2022 dates at our original pricing. Book now.

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