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Taken for a Ride - Campaign Launch

During some spirited story telling and few drinks at a tourism awards night, Marty Adnum of Out of the Square Media, turned to me and said

"How about 'Has your business been taken for a ride?', you know, dodgy builders, bad camera angles, something that would make Tracy Grimshaw proud".

Marty's 'A Current Affair' style campaign concept quickly became a video script and the foundations of a campaign aimed to inspire local businesses to get their teams on a Newy Rides experience (whilst also having a chuckle).

Taken for a Ride will roll out across a digital campaign and mail campaign with the goal to see more local businesses getting their teams on our private group experiences.

The OOTS crew always bring the expertise, ideas and execution to any project (I admit I am a tad biased) and we're grateful they could assist with this campaign.

Credit: Out of the Square

If you're a business needing an idea with cut-through and something that sticks in people's minds - well Out of the Square is a great place to start.

If you're a local business, or group, looking to engage your team on a Newy Rides experience and want to take advantage of our Book 10 riders, Only pay 9 special then please get in touch.

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