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The Day in the Life of: A Bike Tour Business

The day-to-day life of a tour operator is always different but here is a lil snap shot of what this bike tour biz gets up to any given day. Sorry, couldn't fit 'writing blog posts' into the graphic below

5.30am - Wake up

Quickly followed by breakfast, shower, shave and probably a quick iron of my uniform.

6.00am - Check the books

Fire up the laptop, check the days manifest for dietary requirements, special requests and a spot check that all supply partners have been contacted

6.30am - Gear check

Pumping up tyres, checking brakes, counting helmets and prepping gear. Loading everything on the trailer and then off for a day of bike touring.

8.00am - Set up at location

Set up gear on the beach side, staging the bikes nicely and getting everything sorted for the guest arrival. I'll try and squeeze in a coffee if possible.

8.30am - Guests arrive for Tour #1

Guests arrive, I brief them on what they can expect over the next few hours, fit bikes and helmets then ride like the wind. Our 'Morning Essentials' tour is a super-slick coffee ride, giving guests a great insight into Newcastle, finishing with a coffee and giving them the rest of the day to explore themselves.

11.00 - End of Tour #1

Say adios to my new friends, do an equipment check, re-stage bikes and get ready for the next group.

11.30am - Guests arrive for Tour #2 The second batch of guests roll through and we do it all again. Our 'The Essentials x The 'Burbs' tour is an all-inclusive experience complete with a locally made tipple and lunch somewhere great.

3.00pm - End of tour & pack-up

That's a wrap! We start to load everything on the trailer and take it back to be stored, ready for the next day.

After packing up and a quick check of the next days manifest I'll usually finish up around 5pm and enjoy some downtime (and likely something cold).

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