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This sounds obvious!

Globally, we produce about 400 million tons of plastic waste yearly. Wow.

Newy Rides are no longer providing disposable plastic water bottles on our tours.

We have always encouraged our guests to bring their own water bottles but we have made the important decision to no longer provide a bottle of water for each guest.

Hydration is important but so is reducing the amount of plastic waste in the environment. We have found that far too many half drank bottles are used on our tours which simply get thrown away.

Here's the good news. You can feel good about our decision by bringing your own bottle as our routes have ample opportunities to fill up your bottle with fresh water (and for our international guests, did you know that tap water is safe to drink in Australia? Bonus!).

All of our bikes are fitted with these adjustable bottle holders which fit most common bottle sizes.

Peep the video below:

Are you local and want to do your bit for the environment? Here are a few likeminded businesses doing their bit to reduce waste.

  • Plastic Police - A local initiative to collect, reuse and recycle soft plastics

  • Wildflower - A great local Wallsend cafe with a great range of merch - including high-spec insulated drink bottles

  • Upcycle Newcastle - A collective of people with the overall mantra to upcycle, reuse and limit waste

  • Modus Operandi - Checkout the wall tiles in their bathrooms which are made from recycled shampoo bottles! Oh, and also one of our favourite spots for a beer.

  • Newcastle Push Bike Library - Run by a passionate cyclist and bicycle mechanic, Dan runs an amazing initiative making cycling accessible for all people and budgets by up-cycling and repairing bikes like new again.

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