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We have a video!

A few weeks ago in the early hours of the morning, I met with the great team from Out of the Square Media at Nobbys Beach to shoot our very first hype reel.

We spent a few hours on the bikes, being followed by drones, GoPro's attached to our chests and being shot through the creative eyes of Marty and AJ from OOTS.

I had a blast and it's awesome to work with people that see a vision, add their interpretation and run with it - there is something extremely cool about working with creatives, feeding off their energy to bring something to life. I'm all about it personally and the world needs more of this type of collaboration enabling projects regardless of the size.

We finished the day with a round of sandwiches from one of our favourite spots (in the video).

I'm really appreciative of the generosity of everyones time and skills involved in this project. I'm stoked by the result and as a result I'm committing to producing some videos of our own - so stay tuned for that.

In the meantime, you should really watch the video - it's great! Better yet, leave me a comment, I want to know what you think!

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