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We slept out for Soul!

Newy Rides is extremely proud to say we participated in 'Sleepout for Soul', Soul Cafe's main event of the year to raise funds so they continue providing goods and services for folks in need all across Newcastle.

Groups of passionate Novocastrians converged on Bolton St carpark 27th May to sleep out without the comforts of home, raising much needed funds.

Being non-Government funded (relying on the generosity of locals), we recognise the extremely important work they do every day utilising the help of a dedicated group of volunteers to help some of Newcastle's most vulnerable.

Soul Cafe raised over $200k!

Newy Rides contributed in a small way by:

  • Raising $1,300 which goes directly to Soul Cafe's important work

  • Donating 5 x Newy Rides bikes

  • Donating 5 x new helmets

Transportation is an important part of being able to access services, get to the shops, go to an appointment or simple get around town. If we can help people in a small way then we're chuffed.

Learn more about Soul Cafe at

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