We're COVID Safe

Hands up if you're tired of the sayings 'un-precedented', 'pivot' and 'new normal'.


Ok, put your hands down now. Us too.


Newy Rides is committed to providing our guests the safest and most fulfilling experience possible whilst operating within the current NSW laws and hygiene standards. We'll do our bit if you can do yours too.


The Nitty-Gritty

  • Our tour guides won't come to work showing flu-like symptoms. We want to keep you safe

  • If you're showing flu-like symptoms on the day of your tour please do the right thing and stay at home. We'll happily find an alternate date for you (or put your tour into credit)

  • Our guides are fully vaccinated against COVID-19

  • Our tour guides will maintain high hygiene standards throughout the tour

  • All of our equipment is sanitised pre and post your tour to ensure all touch/grab points are clean and free from germs. Helmets will be sanitised including the foam bits underneath.

  • If you feel more comfortable wearing your own helmet please do so

  • Hand sanitiser will be available on all tours. We encourage you to bring your own if you wish.

  • At time of writing (September 2021) face masks are mandatory for guides and guests.

  • You are required to supply your own mask

  • Social distancing measures are implemented at all stops including the meeting point

  • The meeting point is almost always in a large outdoor space

  • Our tours visit numerous Newcastle venues which we comply with their COVID-19 directions during our visit including signing in for contact tracing purposes, sanitising hands and complying with social distancing measures.

  • Any meals/tasting served will be individual servings (not family, sharing, buffet or platter style)

We know this isn't going to last forever and ask you to work with us as we pivot to the new-normal during these un-precedented times. See what we did there?

If you have any questions regarding our response to COVID-19 please Contact Us