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Group Concept: Progressive Lunch

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

What does a hatted Chef and riding bikes have in common? Nothing and absolutely everything.

To call Newy Rides a bike tour company is not exactly a lie, but it's not entirely true either. We create experiences with a long lasting impression.

This is a tried and tested group activity set to WOW all involved.

The Concept: Progressive Lunch

Picture this. You meet your guide and hatted personal chef in a picturesque location. Everyone is fitted out with a bike as they sip on a welcome drink from a local winemaker. The Chef serves up the amuse bouche, a taster setting the tone for things to come.

The chef rides alongside the group as they learn more about the destination from the guide and the providence of the menu from the chef.

Stopping at unique venues around town to enjoy a course personally served by the chef as the groups moves between venues by bike.

This progressive lunch promotes safe service of alcohol and cycling, spacing the consumption of alcohol accordingly.

This activity allows the group to interact with the landscape by enjoying courses in unique settings, travelling by bike.

The What: This concept is based on the sold out 'Ride Along Series' event with Chef Joel Humphreys (ex Rockpool) and winemaker Dirt Candy Wine. Read about it here.

Make It Bespoke: These itineraries are completely flexible and tailored to the planners choice of meeting venue and schedule. A plethora of add-ons are available including a photographer and quirky local enhancements.

Inclusions: Local guide, private chef, bikes and safety equipment and lunch/drinks.

Min/Max Numbers: 8/14

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