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Group Concept: Rattle Can Workshop

Newy Rides buzzes on creative thinking, changing up the perception of what a group activity should look like. If you're looking for your a group activity in Newcastle, something for everyone and one that will inspire - check this out.

Owner of Newy Rides, Ben Ogden, has over 10 years of corporate event management experience taking groups of all sizes to the far corners of the world to conference or incentivise groups.

These posts are to highlight some unique meeting/activity and private group concepts Newy Rides can motivate your important group.

The Concept: Rattle Can Workshop

The What: Most corporates know about the 'build-a- bike' concept where teams get together and put together kids bikes before donating them to children in need. It's a great activity. This is something a little different.

If COVID-19 has taught us something, it is to lean into our creative side. (queue TikTok dances, sourdough, DIY furniture restoration or art projects). Lockdowns also meant a lot of us were riding our bikes more with bike shops selling out of stock quickly.

This concept starts at a unique rustic venue with the group being presented

some stripped down bicycle frames on stand, pre-coated with primer and served up with a swag of cans of spray paint (i.e. rattle cans!).

With all the colours of the rainbow at their disposal the groups learns techniques of painting including masking and stencilling, using different colours to create the bike of their dreams.

The activity finishes with the paint drying and the group sent on thei

r way. Days later, the bike receives a finishing glossy coat and is built by a bike mechanic, ready for it to be ridden.

The bikes can be delivered or picked up. Everyone receives their own custom painted bicycle.

Make It Bespoke: This activity can include lunch, catering, drinks, photographers and even a DJ blasting beats from a cargo bike.

Inclusions: Venue, bikes (single-speed, vintage and cruiser models), paints, instructor and associated equipment

Min/Max Numbers: 4/12

Availability: Monday to Sunday*

*Note - Substantial lead time is required due to the global supply of

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