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HUGE Groups - How we get it done!

We're not shying away from the fact that there are only so many people we can host on our bikes. Truthfully, the more-the merrier doesn't really apply to bike tour experiences as riders fall far back behind the guide. We recommend a maximum of 12 people per departure.

A couple of tried and tested ways we can get more people on our rides:

  • Multiple departures - We can split the group over multiple departures across a day

  • Incorporating other experiences - We partner with other trusted operators to bring an experience to life.

What are friends for! We partners with the following folks to great bespoke itineraries that suit your schedule, budget and group size.

Our Partners

  • Newcastle Cruising Yacht Club - Learn-to-sail experiences and lunch

  • CoastXP - Adventure boat tours

  • Earp Distilling Co - Distillery and gin blending

  • Newcastle Afoot - Immersive city walking tours

  • Geotrail & Nature Tours - Nature walking tours

  • Premier Team Building - Traditional team building

Sample Itinerary #1

Starting at Newcastle Cruising Yacht Club, the group splits in two, half dives head first into essential Newy, riding along the harbour to see some examples of public art and the changing face of the Newcastle today from days gone by. The other half immerse themselves in the art of sailing with a learn to sail lesson.

After 1.5-2H of activities the enjoys lunch (at Newcastle Cruising Yacht Club) then swaps activities. The day ends with a cold drink in hand overlooking the harbour. Perfection!

Sample Itinerary #2

Meeting in the historic suburb of Carrington (or Carrodise as the locals call it), the groups splits in two, Group #1 learns about the mean streets of Carrington from days gone by, our sailing history and a look to Newcastles future whilst Group #2 perfects blending their own bespoke bottle of gin (that they can take home with them).

The group meets for lunch, before switching experiences. The day wraps up for a beautifully crafted cocktail!

Next Steps?

Simply get in touch! We can handle coordinating all the right people and can bringing in multiple operators where needed, just ask.

Take advantage of our Book 10, Pay 9 offer now part of our 'Taken for a Ride' campaign (whilst the offer lasts!).

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