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Team Building | Newy Rides x Premier Team Building

Newy Rides has partnered with local team building company, Premier Team Building to provide an engaging option for teams and conference groups, to both discover Newcastle and invest in their teams progress, capabilities and relationships.

With the choice of two unique team building options, we're offering a double-barrelled itinerary featuring a Newy Rides experience coupled with 1.5 hours of team building by the good folks at Premier Team Building

Ben Ogden of Newy Rides knows the value of team building experiences being incorporated into a groups itinerary after working in the corporate events industry for many years.

I want locals and visitors to discover an authentic side of Newcastle when they ride with Newy Rides - likewise, I want a corporate group to be engaged with the job at hand.
That's where Premier Team Building steps in.

With two Team Building options including a Mini-Olympics and RC Speed Racer, there is a challenge for every high performing team.

The experiences include 1.5 hours with Newy Rides and 1.5 hours of team building.

Newy Rides - Attendees will discover an authentic side of Newcastle, learning about the past and the turning point going into the future as an exciting destination. Click here to read about Newy Rides experiences

Premier Team Building

RC Speed Racer

Working in small groups you work to build an elevated race track using bamboo, cardboard, string, tape and some surprise supplies.

Each group will have additional challenge like: gaps, turns, draw ridge, jumps & more creative little challenges.

Once the whole track is completed we then break our the RC cars where we have a full round robin race! Each team will have their own car, where they have to navigate around the track which they have just built.

Come the end of the event we will have a victorious team, as the ultimate RC Speed Racer!

Mini Olympics

Team will be split into small Olympic teams where they will complete in fun wacky challenges. Forget your traditional Olympic sports this will test everyone in various ways. Teams will have to work out who will be best to lead, best to run certain challenges and more.

Games may include:

  • Frisbee Challenges

  • Blindfolded Sword Fights

  • Team Skis

  • Water Balloon Challenges

  • Giant Puzzles

  • Dodgeball Games

  • Human-Hungry Hippos

  • Nerf Games

  • Laser Tag

About Premier Team Building:

Premier Team Building was founded with a simple goal in mind: Offer customised team building events to ensure clients see a positive ROI from investing within their team.

Premier Team Building brings over 18 years of international experience in the leadership and team building world by customising all events to suit each clients’ unique needs, goals and team dreams.

This is team building done right!

Founder of Premier Team Building, Pip Scott-Allen says of the partnership

With a common goal of simplifying the lives of our Corporate clients, it was an easy decision for Premier Team Building & Newy Rides to partner up. As the leading Bike Tour Company of Newcastle & Australia’s Premier Team Building these two leaders in their field have joined forces to offer an unforgettable experience for businesses choosing to visit Newcastle or locals looking to get in touch with their roots.
Offering an amazing bike tour of the foreshore and surrounds, along with a powerful, customised team building event, this is what you expect from an unforgettable team day out.

You can learn more about these options on our Private Groups page here

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