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5 reasons to take a guided tour (for Aussie travellers at home)

We're an independent bunch (Aussies that is). We generally rock up, check out the sights and maybe lock in an experience or two when we travel. The DIY approach especially rings true when we travel in our own country.

With Australian states potentially loosening statewide restrictions and state borders opening soon after (fingers crossed) we know we'll all be travelling again. After all, summer is calling.

Let me give you 5 reasons why you take the guided experience route when you're discovering somewhere new at home:

Dig Deeper

No-one knows the destination you're in better than a local. They know where to eat, drink, shop and what to do to get off the beaten path (if you're into that sort of thing). A few hours with a local guide will make the rest of the stay wherever you are that much better by simply asking questions and picking their brain for their tried and tested must-do's.

Learn More

Your guide is an absolute wizard for information and history about the places you are visiting and will offer a unique perspective, adding context to their relationship with the area. Don't rely on Wikipedia pages to get the gist - enjoy the ride with your guide as they point out unique aspects be it history, architecture, culture and the arts.

Save Time

If you're time poor, booking a guided tour or experience is a way to maximise your time wherever you are. Just think, these companies have made their business around crafting timely unique experiences in a snappy bookable product. Three hours with a guide getting let into a destinations hidden gems could take you days to discover by yourself.


In the pre-COVID days tourism operators relied on a steady-stream of International guests to join their experiences. Nowadays with our countries borders shut, these companies have had to adapt their products to the domestic Australian market. Aussies love authenticity, to be let into a little secret and to be given the back-of-house tour.

By finding the right company and guide, you will have no problem of finding that in spades. (especially in a city like Newcastle).

Meet People

One of the absolute joys of travel is meeting new people. We tend to do it less when we're in our own country. There are still groups of Contiki travellers getting together every years on 20 years after their first Euro trip.

Question is, why don't we do this at home?

Booking a guided experience with other guests is great. You learn from them, they learn from you and who knows, you might click - at the very least it is someone to have a drink with at the end of the tour.

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