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Case Study | ARTC

When the Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC) sought a unique team-building experience to unite their team, they turned to Newy Rides – the ultimate destination for exciting bike tours in Newcastle.

ARTC was determined to provide their team with time together outside of their usual day-to-day that would not only strengthen bonds but also celebrate the vibrant city they call home.

Geoff, our client, realised that his hybrid workforce didn't spend much time together in social settings to strengthen bonds without a project in mind.

Client Brief: ARTC's team comprised ten dynamic members, eager to discover the best of Newcastle and explore the city from a local's perspective. They wanted a bespoke itinerary that highlighted the city's hidden gems and offered new experiences, even for those who were familiar with the area. The goal was to create excitement, foster camaraderie, and ignite a genuine passion for their city.

Newy Rides Solution: Newy Rides, with the experience led by our enthusiastic guide, Matt, we designed a customised tour that perfectly encapsulated Newcastle's charm and uniqueness. Starting and finishing at Nobbys Beach, the team soaked in the sights and delights of the city, evening catching glimpses of some seal pups along the way.

The tour took them along Newcastle's picturesque coastline, where they enjoyed in the beauty of the beach and the iconic Newcastle break wall. As true locals, the group shared stories and experiences including some of the city's well-kept secrets to foster that connection. After all Geoff did say "Phones away folks, I don't expect emails to be checked today".

Along the way, the team stopped for a hearty brunch at Maryville's Elementa restaurant, where they raised a toast to their adventure-filled day with a Mimosa.

The team-building activity turned out to be the perfect point of difference, successfully creating excitement and fostering camaraderie among the participants.

Matt's laid-back charm and genuine enthusiasm for the city added a touch of magic to the outing, leaving a lasting impression on the team.

A family of seals sunning themselves at the end of the break wall was part of our Newy Rides tour. A great start and something different for a team day. Our guide Matt was great and all the team had a really good time. Really pleased to support a local business and they delivered for us
- Geoff Wickens, ARTC

Newy Rides' custom corporate adventure for ARTC showcased the power of bike riding to unite teams, foster camaraderie, and build relationships outside of the 9-5 grind. With an authentic local experience, unmatched expertise, and a commitment to sustainability, Newy Rides continues to be the go-to choice for corporate groups seeking extraordinary bike tours in Newcastle.

Maybe your business deserves to be taken for a ride, but for the right reasons? Get in touch!

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