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One Year In (CAKE SMASH)

Mates, it's been 1 whole year since we welcomed our first guests on our bikes. We spent an afternoon discovering the very best of Newcastle from our beaches, the harbour and all of the nooks and crannies deep in the suburbs (including some tasty treats made by our mates).

It's been quite the year. We've appeared in dozens of articles both locally and nationally, have been featured in major tourism marketing updates and campaigns and have even been on live national television - eeek.

I started Newy Rides amidst the first COVID lockdown. Conceptually the idea came together both in my back yard with an old bike frame and a can of spray paint and also spending kilometres riding the Fernleigh Track, thinking about how to bring the whole thing to life.

This was around June/July 2020 and on the 27th November 2020 we made it real with actual people riding our bikes.

It's only been a year (and what a bloody year!). I'm excited to see what the future holds for Newy Rides.

Huge thanks goes to all the people that gave us support when we started, now and into the future - bloody legends. Thank you.

If you rode with us in our first year, thank you and if you're thinking of booking in , I'd love to have you along for a day of Newy discovery.

I posted this video to mark the occasion - yes, it's a waste of perfectly good cake but... it's for the 'gram, baby.

Happy Birthday Newy Rides.

Ride often,


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