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Being injured sucks. It sucks for me and it sucks for you too. Unfortunately our tours aren't available for the next few weeks whilst my bones repair themselves. In short, on a day off I went for a ride. During the ride I crossed a slick, slimey surface forcing my bike to slide out from underneath me. My sunglasses broke, their arms stabbing into my face - blood everywhere! A mild concussion, gravel rash, wrist fracture and a couple of fractures in my knee and 10 hours in the emergency department, I've been at home getting rest - and bloody COVID believe it or not! If you're wanting to ride with us please check out our free self-guided tour on the FreeGuides platform, including instructions on how to get access to a bike. Download it for iOS and Android here Keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram for updates and for when you can book a ride with us. Lastly, please remember to wear a helmet! Ride often, Ben

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