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This Lil' Dude! (Our mascot!)

We love mascots so when the opportunity arose to work with a passionate local artist to great our very own that can be slapped on sticker, posters and t-shirts how could we resist. Plus - we need a great new design on a tee for our guides!

We got chatting with Sam Payne (@SamsScribble) about art, Newcastle and what it means to be a small business owner. His clear goal is for his art to tell a story. It doesn’t matter if it’s luxury real estate, game development or a children's project, if it involves telling a meaningful story, He's in!

Passionate about 'giving back' Sam provided resources to small business owners throughout the pandemic, one to encourage others and was recently recognised for his efforts at the Local Business Awards.

I hope Sam doesn't mind me sharing this - but helps tell the story

"Fun fact about me: Not a big bike guy! And I should explain why. I had a massive accident on a bike when I was in early high school which saw me fly over the handlebars and ride the road on my face for about 5 meters. If not for a helmet with a peak, I would have snapped my neck and cracked my skull. I spent the night in emergency while the dental surgeon pulled bits of road, teeth and braces out of my face (While I was awake to check for nerve damage).
Needless to say, that was the last time I was on a bike. YET, I’ve been telling my wife for a few months that looking at what you do makes me want to take a tour of newy by bike!"

With that, we got busy with a funky little mascot for Newy Rides (well, Sam did!)

The Brief

  • Mascot-style

  • Can be used across digital and print

  • Looks great on a t-shirt

  • Black (to go on our Newy Rides yellow)

  • Bring out our love of Newy

Check out the below concepts:

Connect with Sam, check out his work and give him a follow:

Instagram: @SamsScribble

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