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Your own group, when you want it

The Newy Rides experience is designed to be authentic, hand-crafted and bespoke however sometimes we know our guests are looking for an experience of their own. That's where private custom tours come into play.

We have a few ideas listed online on our Private Groups page (including our regular tours which can all be privatised) but wanted to fuel the fire with some left-of-centre ideas to get those imaginations going.

Bathers Way - The infamous stretch between Newcastle Baths and Merewether Bays would make the perfect laid back summer private tour. Think dips in the baths, a swim in the Bogey Hole, a stroll through King Edward Back and a downhill ride into Bar Beach, a visit to Merewether Baths finishing with a drink in one of our surf clubs. A quintessential Newcastle summer's day.

IG Mission - Part ride, part challenge. The challenge adopts its own #hashtag and 2 (or more) teams ride from a start location, earning points taking photos along the way and finishing somewhere for a tongue-in-cheek awards ceremony. A great one for groups of friends and can be tailored in ways to get adventurers off the beaten track.

Beans to Grain - Starting somewhere known for handcrafted coffee with a bit of vibe we take the lesser known routes to one of Newcastle's many craft breweries. Hunter Valley - Our purpose built bike trailer means we can shuttle bikes around with ease. We can organise a fleet of bikes to join you in the Hunter for a day of wine tasting (drink responsibly!) and whisk them away at the end. Lake Macquarie - Warners Bay to Speers Point and surrounds? No problemo.

Airbnb Drop-off - Prefer to play tour guide yourself? Let us organise a fleet of bikes to arrive at your doorstep over the weekend (and taken away at the end) for your own adventure. We can even recommend some self-guided routes. Easily done. We're flexible and love these bespoke itineraries - get in touch.

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