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We Won! Awesome Newcastle

Awesome Newcastle provides $1,000 grants every month to help community projects in Newcastle, Australia. Since our foundation in 2015 we’ve given over $50,000 in grants, funded from the board members’ pockets, with no strings attached.

From the start one of our goals was to be a solid contributer to Newcastle's Visitor Economy by providing a compelling reason for people to come to Newcastle, have a great time and want to return time and time again.

We just participated in Awesome Newcastle's March event as a finalist and pitched our idea for The Ride Along Series, walking away with the cash in order to create some great content to promote the project.

By doing so this will enable us to entice more people to ride with us and discover our great city.

To learn more about Awesome Newcastle (including how to apply for a project yourself), dive into this blog post about the night HERE

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